About Do-Gree Promo

From it’s inception in 1953, Do-Gree Fashions Ltd., has been the foremost and largest domestic fabricator of knit and constructed headwear and scarves.

A privately held family business incorporated in Montreal, Canada, with three generations, refined and created a ‘state of the art’ enterprise, which entails design, merchandising, manufacturing and distribution of headwear accessories and, decades later, are entrenched globally, with offices and warehousing in the USA, Europe, Canada and Asia.

Do-Gree Promo is a dedicated division of Do-Gree Fashions, catering to our clientele who have special requirements for customized headwear and other accessories for unique promotional opportunities.

Once Do-Gree Promo has a clear understanding of our client’s requirements and end-goals, we design and create extraordinary products, incorporating sophisticated graphics, silhouettes and novelty yarns, offering unsurpassed seamless service and problem-free expertise for customer satisfaction.

What We Offer

Do-Gree Promo offers Domestic and Custom made Products

We never lose sight of our mission – and our customer’s satisfaction. Hey are the reason we strive for perfection and excellence.

  • The Lowest Minimum Order Quantities

  • The Quickest ‘Turn Around’ Deliveries

  • Competitive Prices

Why Choose Us ?

Our design staff always has their ‘finger on the pulse’ of the fashion and business world, ensuring that the latest trends and innovations are incorporated whenever possible into our accessory offerings.

We endeavor to inspire our clientele with our expertise competence and quality. Our strengths are the solid symbiotic relationships within our business community and providing a range of creative products and services.

Our Products

Our Clients